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Why Choose Us?
​We are a licensed and insured company here to bring you trustworthy and reliable care. We have been there and know what it takes to provide patient, affective home care for a loved one.

Who is Infallible Home Care, LLC?


We are a passionate family-owned business that has experienced the need to have 24 hour care in our home after a tragic accident left a family member paralyzed.

It was also a trying time as many elderly family members were failing in health and needed assistance in their homes in a rural areas where it seemed to be hard to get help.

Our company is based on our own personal experiences as needing the care and also providing it. We put our passion of knowing what people are looking for in home care and train our caregivers to all of the particulars that are involved with each individual.

We understand the each individual is different and everyone has their preferred way of doing things.

We will assist you with the tasks you need help with the way you want it done.

We also understand that a family knows their loved one better than anyone else. We listen to any concerns or wishes that the family needs.

​We do not treat the person we are caring for as a mute decision maker or their family.​ We welcome all the details of what  a person likes or dislikes so our visit to their homes are to their satisfaction and it feels like we were there to take care of our purpose for which you have asked of us.

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